Dangerous Breed adj, n.

1. n. Any number of supposedly dangerous canine breeds. e.g the
Cocker Spaniel, the Golden Retriever, the Poodle, the Pug.

2. n. A metal band based in the UK

3. n. A generic phrase used to describe a class of persons known or
held to be dangerous, subversive or generally destructive to the fabric
of civil society. Usage: “Political protestors are a dangerous breed.”

4. n. An independent t-shirt and clothing company based in Brooklyn
NYC founded in 2001. In a world of political polarization, “with us or
against us” rhetoric, and either completely meaningless or painfully
obvious t-shirts (usually both), it set out to do something a little different:
to make content and style part of the same equation. To make people
think rather than tell them WHAT to think.


To evolve the message t-shirt into a new and "dangerous" breed of fashion as social commentary.


Tony Kelley
Jim Morrison
Read about Jim's run for New Jersey State Senate in 2003 - Click here